Branches and associations

Shorinji Kempo training is organised locally by registered non-profitable associations. Associations operate underr Finnish law and have vahvistettu association rules. No teachers are getting paid for teaching.

Shorinji Kempo associations belong to Finnish Shorinji Kempo Federation (FSKF) , which is part of World Shorinji Kempo Organization (WSKO).


What is "Branch"

Authorized Shorinji Kempo training places are called as Branch - in japanese Shibu. Branch main teacher is called Branch Master - jap. Shibu-chō, who has to be at leastään 3rd Dan and officially accepted by WSKO


Training places

In Finland You can practise Shorinji Kempoa in following Branches/places


    Helsingin Shorinji Kempo                     / Helsinki Branch

    Helsingin yliopiston Shorinji Kempo   / Helsinki University Branch

    Hämeenlinnan Shorinji Kempo            / Hämeenlinna Branch

    Jyväskylän Shorinji Kempo                  / Jyväskylä Branch

    Lahden Shorinji Kempo                        / Lahti SK Club under Jyväskylä Branch   

    Laukaan Shorinji Kempo                      / Laukaa Branch

    Mariehamns Shorinji Kempo Klubb     / Mariehamn Branch

    Mikkelin Shorinji Kempo                       / Mikkeli SK Club under Jyväskylä Branch

    Säynätsalon Shorinji Kempo                / Säynätsalo Branch

    Vaajakosken Shorinji Kempo               / Vaajakoski Branch

    Vantaan Shorinji Kemp                          / Vantaa Branch